Please read for a better understanding

• Please be sure before placing your order/s! Do not placing order if you are not ready to make payment!
• Most of our items is preorder, and willingness to wait is a must (unless stated otherwise)
• Please refer tinyurl.com/ksshipment to know the latest updates or progress of the items.
• Please don’t bombard us with inquiries as to when will we ship the items as you may check it personally the progress in the link given as per above but if there any problem with it you may directly contact us through WhatsApp / DM

• We only accept payment using online/bank transfer only at the moments.
• No payment proof within 48 hours, order automatically cancelled
• Customer cannot cancel any purchased items once customer placed order
• Customer cannot cancel any purchased items during second payment or else the items will be sold to anyone else.
• No refund will be given unless item ordered sold out early than expected

• Estimate Time Arrival (ETA) for preorders within 2~4 weeks after batch closing/item release (please expect a delay)
• We will not be accountable for damages, loss, delay or any delivery failure which may arise during the international/local shipping process of the items as these circumstances are beyond our control.
• The outer box/case/cover is made for protecting the product underneath. Small scratches, flaws, discoloration, etc. on the outer box/case/cover may occur during packaging/delivery and cannot be the reason for return/exchange or refund!
• If there is any manufacturing error of the product (such as missing items during the factory production), there will be no refund/exchange or return as it’s the error by the manufacture itself not from our side.

• All the price listed on both Instagram/Website is possible to be changed in the future due to the currency demand
• All the orders will be closed every Monday at 10pm (batch dateline stated in bio at IG)
• Check our “pricelist” (at bio) or go thru #kshoppestore_(groupname) for each group collection
• For orders status, may kindly check at tinyurl.com/ksshipment for more updates by refer using your date of purchased.

Any inquiries or anything just DM us on Instagram @kshoppe.store or WhatsApp +60189183946